Dodge City's Most Affordable Membership

Single $460.00
Single Gold Membership $1150.00
Family $680.00
Family Gold Membership $1400.00
Senior $360.00
Senior Gold Membership $1050.00
Senior Family $580.00
Senior Family Gold Membership $1250.00
Student $150.00

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Players with adult memberships will pay a daily surcharge of $3.00 Players with student memberships will pay a daily surcharge of $1.00.

Membership Details

Students - Students are anyone who has not yet graduated from high school or less than 18 years of age

Seniors - Anyone 62 years of age or older

Family -Two or more players in the same family. Children in the family must be living at the family residence or attending school as a full time student and dependent upon his parents. All family members under the age of 18 will pay a $1.00 surcharge. All members 18 or older will pay a $3.00 surcharge.

Gold Membership - No $3.00 daily surcharge, No Cart or Trail Fee and Unlimited Range Use.

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